What if Jesus Came Today?

  Written by Vicki Budden


So often the story of Jesus' birth seems to be an event from the far distant past and hardly relevant to our own time and place.

This play examines events of that first Christmas from our own time and perspective, albeit an Australian one!  (Please feel free to change terms and details to fit your own time and place.)

It was first performed at Maitland SDA Church (New South Wales, Australia) in 1996.

Suitable for juniors to adults to perform.  Additional participation from younger children may be gained through the use of scripture readings and song items.




Preferably an adult.  Introduces and concludes the play



Husband and wife - gossipers


Motel manager



Two drovers


Teenage girl


When the play was first performed, the only stage prop was an old church pew.  It was used in the following way.

Scene One A few cushions were added and this became a sofa.
Scene Two A park bench.
Scene Three A fence - the drovers hung their saddles on the back of the pew.
Scene Four A church pew!

Other props included dusters, newspapers, saddles, Bible.

Other Performance Notes

This play tells the Christmas story entirely from the viewpoint of minor characters in the original tale.  Because of this, songs and scripture readings were also interspersed throughout the play in the original performance to tell parts of the story.  Because of the time lapse since the original performance some of the exact details of the songs performed are not known but the titles may help in choosing something similarly themed.  Each of these were performed/read after the scene given.  Use of these also allowed more people to participate and could be used for the inclusion for younger members.

Scene One Scripture Reading:  Luke 1:26-38
Scene Two Song:  "Mary Had a Baby"
Scene Three Song:  "The Christ Child is Born"


As this play was written and set in Australia, a number of the terms reflect this.  You are invited to change these terms to make them more relevant to your own time and place.

akubra a hat made of rabbit pelts worn commonly in rural Australia.
drizabone a long weather-proof jacket.
drover one who drives cattle or sheep long distances to market.


You are free to use this play for performance purposes and make alterations in order to suit your own situation but you do not have permission to republish.  All rights reserved under applicable Copyright laws.


updated 10 September, 2013

for tiny ones!

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