Clementine's Corner - special program ideas for tiny ones!

The programs given below were originally written for the Northern Australia SDA Big Camp - Beginners Division (0-3 year olds).  The program began on the first Saturday of camp (Sabbath School) and ran daily until the following Saturday - hence eight lessons.  As there were children that attended only the Sabbath School programs (Lessons 1 & 8), the craft activities for these lessons are not integrated with the rest of the week's program.

These 6-8 day programs could also be used for Bible Class or VBS.  They are primarily designed for 0-3 year olds but may be adapted to include 3-5 year olds as well.  Each program (lasting 1-1 1/2 hours) includes an 1/2 hour music program, activity station ideas, activity books as well as ideas for backdrops and room decorations.


Grow, Grow Grow - an action-packed program about

growing for little ones and their parents.

Get on board for a fun-filled musical journey with

Good Shepherd Railways and help your little one

discover the joy in following Jesus!

Please Note:  You are free to use these programs for personal, home or church use.  However if you wish to reprint in any form, permission to do so must be sought from the editor of this website.

Looking for a long-term program to run as part of your church's outreach ministry? 

Try mainly music - a music and movement program designed to support families with young children. 

You will receive all you need to start running the program in your church as well as continual support and ideas for sharing Jesus with young families in your community.

for tiny ones!

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