Down by the Station

Get on board for a fun-filled musical journey with Good Shepherd Railways and help your little one discover the joy in following Jesus!

Down by the Station is a daily musical journey with GOOD SHEPHERD RAILWAYS to Mary MacDonald's Farm.  There the children meet Woolly Sheep and all her friends and learn how much Mary cares for her animals.  Mary also shares a picture of our Heavenly Father who loves His little ones even more.

After the 1/2 hour musical program, children then participate in a number of activity stations.

The music program is based on Karyn Henley's Playsong CDs and maxiPraise's Way2Grow.  See Music Resources for more details.  The dramas about Woolly Sheep and the activity books are based on a series of lessons ("The Good Shepherd", "The Lost Sheep - Sample Lesson" and "Psalm 23") from The Resource Room (subscription needed) at Danielle's Place.

Program Aim
God loves and cares for me and I want to follow Him.

Program Truth
To teach the children that

  • God loves and cares for them even more than the shepherd/farmer cares for his sheep.
  • Just as the sheep must follow the Shepherd and the train must keep on track, they too need to practice obedience.

Scripture Reference
Psalm 23; Matthew 18:10-14; John 10:1-16
It is interesting to note that in Matthew 18, Jesus likens children and the care of them to the Parable of the Lost Sheep. He ends the story with the statement that He does not want any of these little ones lost. What an awesome responsibility it is then to communicate to these little ones the magnitude of Gods love and care for them.

Key Text
John 10:14 I am the good shepherd. I know my sheep and my sheep know me. (NIrV)

Program Outline

Music Program - Day 1

Music Program - Day 2

Music Program - Day 3

Music Program - Day 4

Music Program - Day 5

Music Program - Day 6

Music Program - Day 7

Music Program - Day 8

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