Grow, Grow, Grow

Grow, Grow, Grow is an action-packed program about growing.  It begins with a 1/2 hour music program followed by a number of activity stations which carry on the theme of growing.


The music program is based on Karyn Henley's Playsong CDs, Five Little Ladybugs and Grow, Grow, Grow, and maxiPraise's Way2Grow.  See Music Resources for more details.


The weekend programs (lessons 1 & 8 - designed to take place during the normal Sabbath/Sunday School time) look at the boy Samuel as he grows.  The weekday program (lessons 2-7) looks how children and gardens grow (this program may be run independent of the weekend program).


Program Aim

God made me to grow – like all the wonderful things that can be found in a garden and like Samuel.


Program Truth

To teach the children that just as God makes things grow, change and develop in the garden, God has made children to grow and develop, both physically and spiritually.  This is also illustrated in the Bible story of the boy, Samuel.


Scripture Reference

1 Samuel 1, 2


Key Text

1 Samuel 2:26 “The boy Samuel continued to grow…  He also became more and more pleasing to the Lord and to the people.”  (NIrV)


Program Outline - Weekend

Weekend Music Program (Lessons 1 & 8)

Program Outline - Weekdays

Weekdays Music Program (Lessons 2-7)

Music Resources

Activity Stations

Activity Book

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Room Decorations and Backdrop

Please Note:  You are free to use these programs for personal, home or church use.  However if you wish to reprint in any form, permission to do so must be sought from the editor of this website.

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