Grow, Grow, Grow

Activity Book

This activity book is largely completed at the Craft Stations, except page 7 (Measuring Station) and page 8 (Dress-up Station).


  • Round stickers – green and other colours
  • Stamp pads – green and red
  • Stamps – ladybug and frog
  • Glue
  • Glitter glue
  • Various other decorative stickers
  • Crayons/pencils


By the end of the week, each child completes the activity book.  Pages 2-6 are completed in Lessons 2-6, page 8 is decorated in Lesson 7 while page 7 is completed when child visits the measuring station.

Page 1 - Colour

Page 1 - Black/White

Cover Colouring, write child’s name on cover
Page 2  Flowers  Round coloured stickers for petals of flowers, glitter for centre
Page 3 Frogs Stamp frogs with green stamp pad
Page 4 Ladybugs Stamp a ladybug with red stamp pad on each leaf
Page 5 Caterpillar


Use green fingerprints or green stickers to make caterpillar

Fold decorative paper in half.  Trace around closed hand on fold.  Cut, open out and glue on page to create butterfly wings. 

Page 6 Tree Cut green round stickers in half to make leaves for tree
Page 7 Measurements Height, weight and age to be completed at Measuring Station
Page 8 Photo Photo to be taken at Dress-Up Station, page decorated with stickers if desired.


Each page may be coloured in if desired.  At the end of the week, laminate and bind all activity books to take home.  (Handy Hint:  superglue spiral binding together so the books don't fall apart!)

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