Grow, Grow Grow

Weekend Music Program

This program can be used to begin and conclude the weeks program and is designed to take place during the normal Sabbath/Sunday School time.

Please note:  you will find descriptions of songs, extra words etc. on the Music Resources page.

Part 1 – Getting Started 

Good morning, everyone.  It is so lovely to see so many new friends here at our program today.  Let’s wave to all our new friends and say, “Good morning”. Second verse – shake hands.

1                                    Wave to a Friend                                              action 

(You may use an additional introductory song here)

Are you growing big and tall?  Oh, I can see you are!  And who made you to grow, grow, grow?  That’s right, God did.  And God loves to hear us talk to Him.  Let’s get ready to say a prayer.

 2                                    Dear Jesus                                                        prayer

 Music continues while prayer is spoken.

 Prayer:  Dear Jesus, thank you for making us grow big and tall.  And thank you for special times when we can come and praise You.  Please be with us and in our hearts today.  Amen.

 We can say thank you to God for making us grow, grow, grow when we pray and we can also thank Him by giving our offering. Use small watering cans as offering devices.

 3                                   I'm Thankful                                                        offering

Part 2 – Introducing the Story

Can you blink your eyes?  Can you wink with your eyes?  That’s very tricky isn’t it?  God has given us eyes so we can see all the beautiful things that He has made for us.  Can you make binoculars for your winking, blinking eyes?  I spy… spot various clothes/characteristics of children.  Oh, I spy a ladybug.

4                                    I Spy                                                                  binoculars, ladybug

God made tiny little ladybugs and buzzing bees for us in the garden, but He also made big tall trees.  Can you make yourself tall like a big, green tree? Song is shortened version of “I am a Little Cloud” - using only verse 2 & 5.

5                                    I am a Big Green Tree                                     scarves or action

Did God make you?  Are you special?  Of course, you are!  Right from the top of your head to the soles of your feet!

6                                    Head to Toe I’m Special                                   action

God has made you do all sorts of wonderful things with your body!  Can you clap your hands?  Can you wave?  Can you wiggle your nose?  Can you jump and hop?

7                                    Jump and Hop                                                   action

Can you show me how tall you are growing?  Stand up straight!  Great!  And you are not just growing tall, tall, taller, way up high, but your fingers are growing, your hair is growing – even your toes are grow, grow, growing!

8                                    Grow, Grow, Grow                                            action

Part 3 – Experiencing the Story

This section of the program uses the lesson "Samuel Grows Inside and Out" from the Resource Room (subscription needed) at Danielle's Place.   Words for "Down on Her Knees" and "Samuel Grows Inside and Out" are also available with this lesson.  Introduce the lesson as suggested (there are a number of different ideas listed so use a different one for each lesson.)  Intertwine the songs throughout the telling of the story.

9                                    Down On Her Knees                                        action

10                                  Brahm’s Lullaby                                               action

11                                  Samuel’s Chores                                               action

12                                  Samuel Grew Inside and Out                           action

Part 4 – Applying the Story

Are you growing on the outside?  Are you growing big and tall?  And are you growing on the inside too?  Are you helping mummy and daddy and learning new things?  Of course you are!  You are growing every day!

13                                  I am Growing Every Day                                  action

We show we are growing on the inside when we help our mummies and daddies.  Do you help your daddy in the garden?  Do you help your mummy sweep the floors?

14                                  The Helping Song                                             watering cans, brooms

We also show we are growing on the inside when we listen to our mummies and daddies.  Do you come running quickly when your mummy and daddy call?

                                      Listen and Obey                                                finger play

Do you share your toys?  Sharing our toys is a very good way to show we are growing on the inside!  Can you show me how well you share your toys?  Have children practice sharing various toys including dolls and garden equipment.

15                                  All That I Am                                                    various toys

When we care about our mummies and daddies, our brothers and sisters, in fact everyone in our family, we show we are growing on the inside.  And we are also showing that we love God.

16                                  I Have a Loving Heart                                     heart pendants

Jesus wants to be with us wherever we go.  He wants to be with us when we are playing and growing on the outside so He can help us grow on the inside.  Let’s run to Jesus today.

17                                  Run to Jesus                                                     action

Can you jump on your mummy or daddy’s knee?  Oh, not so hard!  Now give them a big hug!  Yes, you are growing, just like Samuel did, on the outside and inside because God has made you so wonderful!

18                                  I Will Grow                                                        action

We’ve had a great time praising God today and learning about growing.  But the most important thing to remember is God made you to grow, grow, grow and He loves you very much.

19                                  Skinny Marinky                                                action

Prayer:  Dear Jesus, thank you for making us big helpers for our mummies and daddies.  Help us to grow on the outside and inside just like Samuel did.  We love you Jesus.  Amen.


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