Creating Bible Buildings

Below are a number of ideas for creating Biblical buildings and structures for story-telling, craft time or for use in a sand table.

Cities, Towns, Temples and Walls

There are three sites that have castle crafts that can be easily adapted for Bible stories.

Any of these are suitable.  Some ideas for adapting them -

Alternatively, adapt either of the above template crafts to made a two dimensional wall or building.  Large building blocks may also be used as an activity for creating walls.  Lego or Duplo blocks are also great as an activity (or for creating props) for any of the above stories.


Houses and Small Buildings

  • MSSS Crafts Colouring Page - Bible House - use this simply for colouring in or add pictures of Bible characters to complete picture.
  • Milk Cartons and small boxes are great house building materials.  Paint glue over carton (upside down and with the top cut off) or box and sprinkle sand (very liberally) over the top.  When dry, paint over this with white, yellow or cream paint for a sandstone look.  Cut out doors and windows.  Look at MSSS Bibletimes House for templates for this craft.
  • To make a jail for the story of Peter or Paul and Silas, paint a large milk carton grey and cut out a door and a window (don't forget to create bars in the windows!).


  • Covenant People Resource Cards (no longer available - but idea left here to help out!)
    • paper bag tent
  • MSSS Crafts Colouring Page - Tent - use this simply for colouring in or add pictures of Bible characters to complete picture.

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for tiny ones!

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