Butterfly Craft 

An Exercise in Sharing

This idea was shared by Connie who used it to teach the concept of sharing to her Bible Class of 4-5 year olds.


  • TP Roll or craft stick
  • chenile wire or pipe cleaners for antennae
  • wings (print out template on stiff card)
  • tissue paper in various colours



  • Spray TP Roll or craft stick black or glue on a piece of black paper 10cm by 6cm (option for TP roll only).
  • Staple/glue the wings to the TP rolls/craft stick (hint-put tape on the back to protect the kids from the staples).
  • Use a white marker to draw a smiley face in the appropriate place on each TP roll.
  • Bend a chenile wire in half and staple it to the back of the butterfly's head for antennae - curl the ends of the wire. 

Optional - teacher complete the above steps prior to class and give each child one butterfly ready to complete.

  • Give each child a pencil, and one sheet of colored tissue paper.
  • Have the kids tear the paper into 1" squares. While they are working, talk to them about sharing then ask them to tell you things about butterflies. The idea is to point out that butterfly wings have lots of colors. 
  • When they finish tearing the paper, encourage them to take turns sharing the paper with each other to make their butterflies prettier. Give lots of praise for sharing and use the word itself often. If you have a child who wants to keep all of his/her own paper, allow them to do so.
  • Have the children spread glue on the wings and wrap the tissue paper around the end of their pencil to stick the paper on the wings, leaving the edges hanging out to get a lacey effect. As this activity progresses, even the children who were reluctant to share will be drawn into the activity by the enthusiasm of the others when they see the others sharing and the multicolored effect as the craft takes shape. 
  • Put on wiggle eyes and magnet strip on the back of the wings to put butterflies on the refrigerator and encouraged children to remember whenever they pass by it how nice it felt to share with their friends as they made the project.

for tiny ones!

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