Bible Character Crafts

Being is a list of generic crafts, ideas and images which will enable you to create a variety of Bible characters.  For specific characters look up the relevant story in the Old Testament or the New Testament.
  See also Family and Friend Crafts and Costumes.

Making Friends - Spiritual Friends
For paper doll Bible characters you cannot go past this craft.  I always have a couple of friends and clothes on hand ready to create for Bible stories.  I use them in the following ways.

  • Print character and clothes and glue together as given at the Making Friends site.  Sometimes if there is only one character in the story I might make the character extra large.

  • Use a graphics program to colour and dress the character digitally.  (Any program which has a magic wand will allow you to do this.)  I then print out the character on iron-on transfer paper and iron onto fabric.  From here I can:

    • Make a bean-bag character out of it - fill with rice or poly-fill.

    • Glue onto felt and you have a feltboard character.  Make sure you use a spray adhesive and not a tacky craft glue as the felt will go hard (as I have learnt!).

Covenant People Resource Cards - these files are no longer available on the internet but I have left a list of the resources they offered to give you some ideas. 
  • Ages 3, 4 & 5
    • envelope puppets and ring puppets.
    • puppet masks
    •  cardboard tube characters
    • sock puppets and bag puppets
  • Grades 1-2
    • tongue depressor puppets
    • paper cup dolls
    • craft stick puppets
    • spoon puppets
  • Grades 3-4
    • instant puppet play using your fingers as puppets.
    • tabletop stage and puppets.
    • paper plate puppets

Crayola - Imaginary Friends - make Bible puppets using this idea.

Shepherd Puppets (from Danielle's Place)

An idea that could be adapted for any Bible story.

BillyBear4Kids Pesach Commandment Craft
I've included this because I think you could use the some of the graphics given in this craft for any number of Bible stories.  Colour them in and include them in collage pictures.

While this is a specific character, the graphic given for Jonah could be used for any male Bible character.

Peg Figures

Use old fashioned wooden craft pegs to create Bible characters.  Draw face and hair on top part of peg and add a pipe cleaner for arms.  Dress with pieces of fabric.

Pipe Cleaner Dolls

Adapt this idea to create Bible characters.


Presentations With a Purpose from has a number of ideas for using puppets in story telling.


Sponge Puppets

A simple idea which uses a common kitchen sponge to create a puppet.

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for tiny ones!

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