Bible Chariot Craft 

This craft is suitable for the following Bible stories:


  1. Cut top and one side off milk carton.  Draw a curved shape along left and right sides to create chariot sides.
  2. Paint and decorate as desired.
  3. Print out both horse templates on stiff cardboard.  Cut around and colour as desired.  Fold bottom rectangles out to form a stand.  Glue two sides of horses together.
  4. Attach two straws or pipe cleaners between horses and either side of chariot. Attach string for reins if desired.
  5. Use two plastic bottle tops as wheels and glue to sides or alternatively cut two circles out of stiff cardboard.  These can be glued or attached with split pins.
  6. Add appropriate Bible Character for story.  For the story of Elijah add red/orange cellophane for flames of fire.

Simplified Version

Thanks Annette for submitting this version of the craft.

  1. Use a large paper, plastic, or Styrofoam cup.  Cut out as shown for the milk carton.
  2. Decorate with store-bought stickers.
  3. Colour and cut horse templates that have been printed on cardstock.
  4. See #4 above, or just attach string or yarn to the horses with sticky tape.
  5. Cut out two "wheels" from cardstock for wheels.  Color and tape, or glue.
  6. Colour and cut Elijah, printed on cardstock. Red/orange cellophane, or constructions flames may be added, if desired.

for tiny ones!

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