Creation Dice

I have made a few dice for my girls out of a large juice carton.  They love the size of them and rolling them in games.  I thought the idea could be easily adapted to make a great interactive craft for the story of Creation.


  • 2 litre Juice carton (or for a slightly smaller dice a 1litre/600ml milk carton)
  • paper
  • round stickers/labels
  • pictures from magazines or various nature stickers.
  • (Optional) Creation Dice Template (has numbers and a few graphics for days 1, 2 and 4)
  • (Optional) has some great Creation colouring pages that could be used.


  • Measure the width of the carton and cut three of the four sides down to this size (each side should be a perfect square).  For a 2l carton this is approximately 9.5 cm, a 1l carton, 7 cm.
  • Fold down the fourth side to form a lid that fits inside. Glue or tape down. (You may like to do this part before a class if you have a large number of children.  I also found using a hot glue gun was the quickest and easiest way of gluing the lid down.)
  • Cover carton with white paper.  Seal edges/corners of carton with masking tape.  Alternatively, paint with an acrylic paint.
  • Give each child six round stickers with the number 1-6 on them.  Have them stick one sticker per side.  Alternatively, use the numbers from the templates given above.
  • For each number put pictures or stickers of the things created on that day.
  • Alternatively, have older children draw pictures of the things created on each day.


  • Child throws dice.  Ask child which day the dice has landed on and discuss what God created on that day.
  • If doing this in a Bible Class make sure you tell mum or dad how to use the dice with the child (though I'm sure older children will be only too keen to tell them!) so it can be used during lesson time for the next week.

for tiny ones!

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