Make Your Own Fire Engine 

The girls and I actually made this fire engine a long time ago - so long that the fire engine has been gone for some time.

However, they did have quite a lot of fun with it so I thought I'd share the craft even without a picture.  Thought it might help some little heroes remember some big heroes.


  • Print out the following templates on either the colour paper suggested or on white to colour.
    • Front - yellow
    • Back - yellow - colour in number plate any desired colour.
    • Ladder - white - print twice
    • Lights - one red and one blue
    • Hoses - green
  • one large box, preferably rectangle.  We originally used a Huggies nappy (diaper) box but it wasn't particularly easy to paint so a plain matt (not glossy) cardboard box would be better. 
  • 4 small paper plates (optional)
  • Glue
  • Red paint


  • Cut off all flaps of box except for one on one of the short sides - this will be the front of the box.
  • Paint box red.
  • Glue front fender to front of box and large red light and large blue light on the flap.
  • Glue back fender to the back (in the lower half) and the two smaller lights above it.
  • Glue one ladder and one hose to each side of the box.
  • If desired, paint four paper plates black and attach as wheels.
  • If you have cut out the bottom of the box, attach a wide ribbon to the middle of the box so children can easily hang the box from the shoulders.

Other Useful Ideas for this craft

Devotional Ideas

  • Discuss some of the heroes in your community and what they do.  Talk about how Jesus should be our hero and take the opportunity to talk about how he saves us.
  • For some other devotional ideas for this craft try Annie's Bible to the Rescue Page for inspiration!

for tiny ones!

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