Sharing/Helping Hands

This craft involves making a small booklet which will illustrate how we can share or help others.  It can be adapted for both preschool or primary (elementary) aged children by changing expectations for the inside content..  

Print out the following templates for the craft.  They are all in the shape of a pair of open hands.  It is best if the covers are printed out on cardboard (colour for a bit more interest!) but the inside pages can be on ordinary paper.  Cut out the shapes and staple together along the dotted edge.

On the front cover write "[Mikhyla's] Sharing Hands" or "[Scarlett] has Helping Hands".

Here are some suggestions for content for the inside.


  • Draw around their hands (if you choose to save the images and print out in a program like Publisher you can enlarge templates to be certain that the hands will fit).
  • Sharing - Write on each page "I can share my food", "I can share my toys" etc. and illustrate with magazine pictures.
  • Helping - Write on each page "I can help my mummy", "I can help my daddy" etc. or "I can wash the dishes", "I can pick up my toys", etc. and illustrate with appropriate pictures.
  • Final page glue a picture of Jesus and write "I will share (or help) because I love Jesus".

Primary (Elementary)

  • Similar idea to above but have children write more than illustrate.  Have them list specific ways they can share or help with others.  Alternatively let them draw pictures on the pages to illustrate ideas.
  • Use the booklet as a journal where they can keep record of the ways they have shared or helped during the week.
  • On final page have children write why sharing/helping shows that we love Jesus.

for tiny ones!

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