Paper Fish Craft 

An easy paper craft that can also be used as a memory verse craft, a means of illustrating important points in a lesson or a lesson on sharing.


  • Print out the following templates onto various coloured sheets of construction paper
  • A3 (large) sheet of paper
  • glue



  • Cut out each part, attaching large semicircle behind the oval fish body for fins, small semicircle at one end of oval for a tail and mouth and eyes in desired position.
  • Cut out small circles and glue them on for scales, overlapping if desired. If gluing the fish to a large sheet of paper, you may like to use some of the circles for bubbles.  Use these circles to write down main points from the lesson if desired.

Memory Verse Craft

  • This craft is the memory verse craft for Primary (Year C, Quarter 1, March) for the story of Jonah.  Instead of printing the above fish scales print the following:
  • Colour each row of scales for each memory verse the same colour and attach onto the fish in a row.

Sharing Craft - "The Rainbow Fish"

This craft can also be used in conjunction with the lesson on "The Rainbow Fish".  Print out the scales on different coloured sheets of paper.  Give one colour per child and encourage them to share their scales in order to create a more beautiful fish.  You may like to reward their sharing at the end with a silver foil scale to put on their fish.

Another Idea!

  • Lynette suggested, "Use the multicoloured round stickers/labels
    (Avery 5472, for instance) for the fish scales, rather than cutting out,
    or having kids cut out, a lot of small circles."  Thanks Lynette!
  • For the Rainbow Fish you may give each child just one colour and encourage them to share their stickers with others to create a colourful fish.

for tiny ones!

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