Advent Treasure Hunt

Last year, Mikhyla, Scarlett and I had lots of fun with this Advent Calendar - so much fun that we will do it again this year!  It certainly helped them understand a lot more that Christmas is about Christ.

It can also be easily adapted for a Sabbath/Sunday School Class over a number of weeks.  Do one section at a time and hide all parts of that section, getting different children clues to find them.

Hope you enjoy doing this as much as we have!

Advent Calendar

  • Print out the following templates
  • Write the clues as to where each message will be hidden in each day on Template 1.
  • Cut Template 2 into three strips and cut along all lines.  This forms the flaps for the calendar.  Glue on along the top of the strips and place over the boxes on Template 1.  If desired use stars to seal each flap.

Advent Activities

  • Print and cut out each message.  Place each in an envelope and hide somewhere in the house (or outside if it is convenient!) everyday (they may all get found at once otherwise!).  You may like to hide the materials needed for the activities and crafts with the message.
  • On each day, there is either a story, song, activity or craft.  Don't forget to discuss the activities and stories from past days when you look and work on the given activity together.  If the activity is a Christmas carol, take the opportunity to sing other Christmas carols together.
  • Look at the bottom of each message for resource ideas to complete each activity.
  • Remember, you don't have to do the activities in the order I have given them - swap them around if it is more convenient for you!

Part 1 - Jesus' Birth is Foretold

Part 2 - Jesus' Birth

Part 3 - Angels Visit the Shepherds

Part 4 - The Wise Men

Christmas Day

  • Advent Day 25 - Reading the Christmas story together.  You may like to check out My Bible Friends Small Donkey (full-text story).  This is the story we will be reading together in our family.

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for tiny ones!

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