Bible Costumes

Children love to dress up!  Here are a few ideas to use this for Bible stories.

Angel Costume

No sewing required for this costume from Making Friends.

No-Sew Bible Costumes  

From Danielle's Place.

Another No-Sew Idea

Use adult size T-shirts for robes and tie a sash around children.

Shepherd's Headpiece

A simple headpiece can be achieved by placing a lightweight piece of cloth on child's head and securing with a coloured elasticised band.  Checked tea towels are great for this!  If you would like something a little more permanent, attach the band at one end to long edge of the cloth in the middle.


  • Crayola Create-a-Crown
  • Crown and Sceptre from Danielle's Place.
  • Sunday School Crafts Let's Make a Crown
  • Plastic Bottle Crown Use a bleach bottle or a 2 litre soft drink bottle.  Cut off the bottom (it helps a little if you have run it under hot water first).  Draw the top of the crown and cut along these lines.  Spray with gold paint and decorate with sequins.  Even if you have to cut the back of the crown to make it fit (you definitely have to do this if using the soft drink bottle but make sure you do it after you have painted it - I found out the hard way that it could have been much easier!) it should still stay in place as the plastic bends and stays on the head.  If it doesn't, attach elastic to the back.

These animal masks could be used for Creation, Noah's Ark, Daniel in the Lions Den or other stories involving animals.

Alternatively, try these Costume Animal Ears from

Miscellaneous Objects
More Costume Ideas

(for other occasions)

Kids Domain Costumes

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for tiny ones!

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