Musical Dice

This is a simple idea to add a bit of fun and enjoyment to singing and praise time.


  • 1 or 2 litre milk/juice carton

  • 2 litre Juice carton (or for a slightly smaller dice a 1litre/600ml milk carton)
  • paper
  • round stickers/labels
  • pictures from magazines or clipart pictures


  • Read the instructions for making dice from a milk carton on the Creation Dice page.


  • Choose one of the options below to decorate dice.
  • At song time, allow children to throw the dice.  Sing a song related to picture shown.

Numbered Dice

  • Using coloured round labels, create a numbered dice.  Sing a song related to the number thrown.
  • Suggested songs
    • Number 1
      • Jesus Loves the Little Ones Like Me
      • One Door and Only One
    • Number 2
      • The Animals Came Marching Two by Two
      • The Wise Man and the Foolish Man
      • Be careful, little eyes, what you see
      • Two Little Eyes
    • Number 3
      • 1, 2, 3 Jesus Loves Me
      • Peter, James and John in a Sailboat
    • Number 4
    • Number 5
    • Number 6
      • Apostles song (Very hard to find a song about six but two sixes equal twelve!)

Animals, Animals

  • Glue a picture of a different animal on each side of the dice.
  • Sing the song "Mr Noah Built an Ark" (tune - Old MacDonald) and at the end throw the dice.  Make the sound of the animal shown.

Various Pictures

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for tiny ones!

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