Make Your Own Bible Game

Playing games is a great way to bring to life a Bible story. You can make your own game using the templates and ideas given below.  You may like to have a look at Noah's Ark Animal Parade for more ideas.


Game board

  • Print onto coloured paper or card one set of the following game boards listed below.
  • Join all pieces together as shown right and glue onto a large piece (about A3 size) of card.  Decorate with stickers/pictures.
  • You can make the game board larger and make it go in any direction by printing out more of the #2 and #3 templates.  Experiment with the size and direction as desired.
  • If using the blank template, colour in every third or fourth square or place a sticker/star on it to denote that it is a situation square.





Situation Cards

  • Print two copies of one of the following (to match above game board) onto card and cut out.
  • Write onto each card a situation related to the Bible story which will cause players to go forward or backwards a number of spaces or miss a turn.  Look at the following for ideas.


My girls love the size of these large carton dice for playing games!

  • From a cube from a milk carton (see Creation Dice for instructions).
  • Cover each side with paper and place coloured dots on sides to form a dice.


  • Create markers using buttons or alternatively, print out the following Bible Men characters onto stiff card for markers, if appropriate (each template has six men).  Have each child colour in their man to distinguish him from others.

Playing the Game

  • Each child chooses a game marker.
  • Decide who will begin the game.
  • Throw dice and move markers accordingly.
  • Whenever marker lands on an situation square, child is to pick up a situation card and follow the instructions.
  • Game is finished when all the animals have reached the finish square.
  • Make sure you discuss with children what they can learn about the story from playing the game.

for tiny ones!

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