Kindergarten - 1st Quarter



Memory Verse

Other Suggested Resources

Lesson 1

January 3

"In the Beginning..."

Genesis 1:31

 (Colour Version)


Lesson 2

January 10

God's Friends Genesis 1:26

Either of these could be used for the readiness activity or craft.  Use them to discuss how God makes everybody different and unique.


Lesson 3

January 17

A Special Day Genesis 2:3  

Lesson 4

January 24

Hiding from God Psalm 100:3 Part 1

Psalm 100:3 Part 2


Also Recommended

  • MaxiPraise God Made Me (CD) - this CD has been a real blessing to our little family.  It traces the creation week through lively, pre-school oriented songs.  The CD comes with full backing tracks as well so it is great for the small Sabbath/Sunday School which has no musicians.

Room Decoration Ideas - Creation

  • Perpetual Preschool
  • Kids Sunday School
    • Different People - use the globe from this idea and use the saying "God Made a Wonderful World", decorating with appropriate pictures.  The idea given may also be incorporated into this month's theme.
  • - templates for bulletin boards which could be adapted/incorporated into the creation theme.

Lesson 5

January 31

Noah Builds a Boat  See Teacher's Guide

Lesson 6

February 7

An Animal Parade Psalm 52:9

Lesson 7

February 14

A Floating Zoo Psalm 48:1


Lesson 8

February 21

God's Rainbow promise

Genesis 9:13



Room Decoration Ideas - Noah's Ark 

Lesson 9

February 28

Abram Follows God 

Genesis 12:4

Lesson 10

March 6

Abram's Altars Psalm 100:2

Lesson 11

March 13

Lot Chooses First Genesis 13:8  

Lesson 12

March 20

Abram to the Rescue Genesis 14:23  

Lesson 13

March 27

Sarah's Special Baby

1 John 4:7



Room Decoration Ideas - Abraham

  • - templates for bulletin boards which could be adapted/incorporated into this theme.

for tiny ones!

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