Primary - Year C, Quarter 1

Please check out notes and extra ideas given on main Primary Lessons page.



Memory Verse Craft

Lesson 1

January 5

Stronger than Egypt's Idols

Door Sign

Decorate as desired.

Cut out and glue each 

part back to back.

Lesson 2

January 12

A Night to Remember

Lesson 3

January 19

Miraculous Rescue

Lesson 4

January 26

A Picture of God

Lesson 5

February 2

Broken Stones

Laced Bookmark

Lesson 6

February 9

A Home for God

Lesson 7

February 16

Help Wanted

Lesson 8

February 23

A Beautiful House for God

Lesson 9

March 2

A House of Worship for All People

Revelation 15:4 Letter Tile Puzzle

Lesson 10

March 9

The Runaway Prophet Paper Fish Craft

Lesson 11

March 16

Something Smells Fishy

Lesson 12

March 23

Out of Darkness

Lesson 13

March 30

Lessons from a Worm


Rocfish has a great interactive CD of music (and video) on the story of Jonah, A Whale of a Tale, available from their website, Koorong or Word Australia.

Note:  In hindsight I see I should have been creating memory verse crafts to go with each theme group of lessons rather than the month (which I had hoped would coincide) - this will happen from now on but to make up for the change, the first week's memory verse this month  uses a puzzle making tool from

Mission Spotlight

The North American Division is the focus of First Quarter's Sabbath School Offering.  Check out Mission Spotlight section for ideas for discussing this part of the world.


for tiny ones!

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