Primary - Year C, Quarter 3

Please check out notes and extra ideas given on main Primary Lessons page.


This Quarter's Memory Verse Craft:  Pringle Promise Can - all primary memory verses have been created to go with this craft.



Memory Verse

Lesson 1

July 6

Going Fishing

Matthew 4:19

Lesson 2

July 13

Two by Two

Matthew 10:8

Lesson 3

July 20

Living Water?

John 4:14

Lesson 4

July 27

Help for the Hungry

Matthew 14:16

Lesson 5

August 3

Twice Blessed

Ephesians 3:20

Lesson 6

August 10

Namaan and the Dirty River

John 1:16

Lesson 7

August 17

Heavy Enough to Float

Matthew 7:7

Lesson 8

August 24

More than Meets the Eye

Psalm 34:7

Lesson 9

August 31

Favorite Son

John 15:2

Lesson 10

September 7

Don't Let Go!

Revelation 3:11

Lesson 11

September 14

Free at Last

Matthew 25:23

Lesson 12

September 21

Finally Forgiven

Luke 6:37

Lesson 13

September 28

Together Again

Galatians 6:10


Mission Spotlight

The Southern Asia-Pacific Division is the focus of Second Quarter's Sabbath School Offering.  Check out Mission Spotlight section for ideas for discussing this part of the world.


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