Scripture Sheep

This cute sheep craft can be adapted in a number of different ways to be used as a simple Bible craft or as a memory verse game.


Print out one of the following templates on to stiff card.

Paper Accordion Sheep

  • Cut out scripture sheep.  Write memory verse on front and back if desired.
  • Cut two strips of paper 2 cm wide and 20 cm long.
  • Glue ends together to form and "L" shape.
  • Fold each piece over the top of the other to create a mini accordion.  Glue together the ends.
  • Glue each end of accordion piece to front and back of sheep.

Marshmallow Sheep

  • Cut out scripture sheep.  Write memory verse on front and back if desired.
  • Place a small amount of icing to the back of each part.  Use this to attach a marshmallow (try using giant marshmallows!) between the two parts of the sheep.

Other Suggestions

  • If making a flock of sheep make a small sheep pen basket to carry them.  Cut the top half off a small milk carton.  Cut Popsicle craft sticks in half and attach to outside.  Make a handle using a length of cardboard.
  • Kindergarten Memory Verse Template (Matthew 25:40) accompanies this craft idea.  You may like to encourage children to make a number of these and give them away to strengthen the message of the verse.

Scripture Sheep Memory 

  • Print out a number of copies of the template or alternatively, paste the template into a program such as Publisher.  Print or write the first half of memory verses on sheep front card and the second half and/or the reference on the sheep back card.
  • Cut out and play memory with the cards.

Primary Memory Verse Template Part 1 and Part 2 (Year C, Quarter 2) also accompanies this craft idea.


for tiny ones!

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