Celebrating a Christian Easter

The Easter season seems to have been taken over by eggs, rabbits and in Australia at least, bilbies(!!), but the reality is that is a time we should be turning our focus to the sacrifice made for us by Christ.  

There are so many Bible stories relevant for the Easter season that I have chosen to list a few here rather than just linking directly the Crucifixion story.

Relevant Bible Stories

At this time of year, Jewish families also celebrate the Passover.  It is of course, no coincidence, as Jesus' death and resurrection took place during Passover, though Easter and Passover only occur concurrently every couple of years.  The symbolism of this holiday is, of course, still relevant today so you may like to check out this story as well.

Other Ideas

Resurrection Eggs

A great idea for celebrating a Christian Easter while still using the symbol of the egg is use plastic eggs (such as the small novelty ones that come inside Kinder Surprise and Yowie or even the larger ones such as Pavlova Magic - all Aus/NZ products!) and placing symbols of the Crucifixion and Resurrection story.  Check out these sites for ideas.

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