Faith Heroes

Scripture Reference:  Hebrews 11

Illustrating Faith

Bible Stories

Study each of the following Bible characters with the children in your class and discuss how each demonstrated faith (some ideas are given with each character).

  • Cain and Abel (verse 4) - his sacrifice of the lamb demonstrated his belief that God would one day send a way to save them from sin.
  • Enoch (verses 5-6) - walked with God
  • Noah (verse 7) - believed that God would send rain even though he had never seen it before.
  • Abraham (verses 8-19) - willingly left for an unknown land and trusted that God would keep his promise to make him father of a great nation even though his wife had no children.
  • Isaac (verse 20) - by blessing his sons continued the tradition of faith
  • Jacob (verse 21) 
  • Joseph (verse 22) - faith that his people would return to the promised land
  • Moses (verses 23-29) - led the people even against difficult odds.
  • Rahab (verses 30-31) - believed that the Israelites were God's people and wished to join them.
  • Gideon (verse 32) - that God would use him to defeat his enemies even though he felt insignificant.
  • Samson (verse 32) - that God could still use him despite his mistakes.
  • David (verse 32) - God can use even young and small people!
  • Samuel (verse 32) - listened to God's instructions and obeyed them.

For older children, read verse 33-39 and discuss which Bible characters match the description given in these verses.

Colouring Pages/Activity Sheets

  • A Kid's Heart Hall of Faith from Hebrews 11 - online puzzles, printable activities and colouring pages
  • From Calvary Chapel New Testament (requires Adobe Acrobat Reader).  This site does not have any worksheets on Hebrews 11 specifically but the following on Faith may be of some use.

    • Paul Writes About Faith Romans 3:21-5:5

    • By Grace Through Faith Ephesians 2:1-10

    • The Just Live by Faith Hebrews 10:26-39

    • Faith Without Works is Dead James 2:14-26

  • Sunday School Sources

Some sites have user policies which restrict use of these colouring pages to personal or educational use.  Please check the sites' policies if you wish to be using these pages outside of these purposes.


  • Create a wall of faith using the templates from DLTK's Castle Craft or Kids Domain Castle - you can either create a whole castle or just one wall section, complete with turrets either end to make it stand up if desired.  On the wall create symbols for each character studied in Hebrews 11 and place it on the wall.  Here are some examples:
    • Abel - lamb
    • Enoch - sandals or footprints (walking with God)
    • Noah - axe, hammer or other carpentry tools (maybe a carpenter's apron!)
    • Abraham - tent or a bag (packing up to follow God's leading)
    • Isaac - knife (sacrifice)
    • Jacob - staff
    • Joseph - coat
    • Moses - rod
    • Rahab - red ribbon
    • Gideon - trumpet
    • Samson - wig
    • David - sling
  • Sunday School Crafts

updated 10 September, 2013


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