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If you are anything like me, you are a little wary about subscribing to anything on-line that costs money.  The free stuff is fine and you'll happily be inundated with newsletters in order to find out about such things but when it comes to giving out any more details than an email address you back away.

However, when I received a subscription to The Resource Room on Danielle's Place, I was pleasantly surprised as to the wealth of lessons, crafts and ideas for Bible classes that this site offered.  I had been using the free resources from Danielle's Place right from the beginning of my time surfing the Internet (in fact, Danielle's Place was one site that inspired the creation of this site) but these barely give a taste to what The Resource Room offers.

The lessons and resources at The Resource Room are more than just more ideas and crafts for individual Bible stories.  While a number of the important Bible stories do have some unique resources available, the thing that that makes this site stand out is that most of the lessons deal with key concepts of Christianity, the character of God and finding Jesus as a friend, rather than just the individual Bible stories.  This is an aspect that makes the resources available here very worthwhile.

There are well over one hundred individual lessons catering for preschool and primary aged classes.  Each lesson has a early arrivals activity, Bible verse cards, lesson, as well as a choice of two to three crafts for many of the lessons.  Some include games ideas as well.  One or two lessons are added to the site on a weekly basis.

I have used the lessons from The Resource Room at Danielle's Place in my Beginners Big Camp Programs (see Clementine's Corner for more details) and continue to rely on the crafts, songs and ideas when teaching the children in my church.

If you a children's ministry worker, regularly take Bible classes, children's church, VBS or Kid's Club you will find the ready resources available at The Resource Room at Danielle's Place a worthwhile addition to your library.  

For more information on how to subscribe to this site click here.

The reviews listed on this site are entirely the viewpoint of the editor of MSSS Crafts!  Only products which have been used personally by the editor will be considered for review.

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